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((please someone do this for me real quick id appreciate it a lot)) imagine what your life would be like if you lived during the 1800s when westward expansion was taking place. write a diary entry from the perspective of: an adult traveling one of the trails west. or a native american. or a child traveling one of the trails west.the journal entry should have personal touch. you will be able to do this only if you place yourself in the "shoes" of the person you choose.you will need to express feelings, emotion, and reactions in your entry.this entry should be told in story format.the journal entry must have a minimum 10-15 sentences you will use pronouns like i, me and my.? Get the answer
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() = ?2-5 f(1) == ? all positive real numbers and > all real number greater than or equal to 5 all real numbers all real numbers except 8


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() a bag contains blue and pink balls. there are 8 more blue balls than pink balls. identify the expression that represents the probability that a per


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() during the 1920s, several movements contributed to social change. match the correct movement on the right to the social change it describes. enhan