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( 40 points i promise) one example of scientists working to make people's lives better is through their development of underwater greenhouses, a sustainable method for producing food. one underwater greenhouse, a set of pods anchored to the seafloor just outside the coast of italy's liguria region, is called nemo's garden. nemo's garden was developed in 2012 by a company called the ocean reef group. through their experiments at nemo's garden, the group was able to learn that plants grow faster underwater. this discovery led the scientists to conclude that underwater greenhouses could be one way to ensure that countries experiencing drought or other conditions that impact farming would still have access to healthy food. the pods found in nemo's garden look similar to something one would see in a science fiction movie. the pods are various sizes and float at different depths, which keeps the plants safe. the dome at the top of each pod allows sunlight to enter, which keeps the plants warm despite the fact that the surrounding water is much cooler. the crops in nemo's garden must remain hydrated to grow. additionally, the plants must be maintained by a special group of divers and monitored twenty-four hours a day through the use of cameras and sensors. while underwater greenhouses are not without problems—mainly due to leaking and decay—scientists are hopeful about their potential future uses. select the correct answer. fin plans to present her paper about nemo's garden to a kindergarten class. she wants to change this sentence: one example of scientists working to make people’s lives better is through their development of underwater greenhouses, a sustainable method for producing food. how should the sentence be revised to have a less formal tone? a. the development of underwater greenhouses is a remarkable scientific accomplishment. b. there are numerous examples of the ways scientists work to make people's lives better. c. growing plants in immense underwater greenhouses will ensure there is a continuous food supply. d. scientists are using underwater greenhouses to grow food for people all over the world. Get the answer
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( 5x 2nd power + 2 ) - ( -4x 2nd power + 7 ) + ( - 3x 2nd power - 5 ) = a 5x to the power of 2 - 9 b 9x to the power of 2 - 10 c 6x to the power of 2


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( 8 ^ 4 x 5 ^ 3 / 8 ^ 5 ) ^ 2 how could the expression be rewritten as a product of two powers or quotient of two powers?


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( ap u. s. history ) how does f. w evans passage explain how the context surrounding the shakers changed from the movements early years to the mid - 1