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$21,000; 10, 600 company pays per period to rent a small building that has square feet of space . this cost is allocated to the company's departments on the basis of the amount of the space occupied by each . department one occupies 2,120 square feet of floor space , epartment two occupies 3,180 square feet of floor space , and department three occupies 5,300 square feet of floor space . if the rent is hocated based on the total square footage of the space , department one should be charged rent expense for the period of : Get the answer
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$2500 is invested in an account at interest rate r, compounded continuously. find the time required for the amount to double. (approximate the result


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

$26,876 is invested, part at 9% and the rest at 5%. if the interest earned from the amount invested at 9% exceeds the interest earned from the amount


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$260 worth of tickets were sold adult tickets cost $6.25 each child tickets cost $4 56 tickets were sold let x represent the number of adult tickets