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# v algebra 1 v23, steven spencer (1070/9) o 35x70 waller needs to make less than 35 more cookies or more than 70 question ple choice worth polet) (0105 lc) the label on the car's antifreers container claims to protect the car between 40°c and 126" to covert celsius temperature to fahrenheit temperature, the formula is - -% -30 woes compound inequality to determine the fahrenheit temperature range at which the antifreeze protects the car 0.40f-32) 126 0.40mf- -32) 126 40 f-32) # - 32) & 126 question 4 we 10105 helen a cruise she needs to boost 2002 passengers to be profitable but the most passengers the ship can accommodate is 2462 model the number of passengers that need to co question answered) op Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

# if two vectors whose direction ratios are 1,2,3 and -k,2,1 are perpendicular to each other then, a) k=7 b) k=4 c) k=3 o d) k=6 me especially since w


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# initialize variables numguesses = 0 userguess = -1 secretnum = 5 name = input("hello! what is your name?") # fill in the missing loop here. # this l


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# mariah mudd # 6/22/20 # purpose:things about me. def main(): print("my name is mariah. i just turned 15. my favorite movie is scarface. i listen to