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"what are the principles on which that settlement is to be effected? are we to lapse back into the old national rivalries, animosities, and competitive armaments, or are we to initiate the reign on earth of the prince of peace? . . . . we must not allow any sense of revenge, any spirit of greed, any grasping desire to override the fundamental principles of righteousness." –david lloyd george, november 11, 1918 which statement explains david lloyd george’s argument in this passage? -germany should pay for the toll it took on the rest of the world.-the countries must keep old rivalries in mind while making plans for peace. -the peace process should not be swayed by a desire for justice or revenge. -great britain should remain competitive by producing more armaments. Get the answer
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"what does crevecoeur reveal regarding the racial composition o the colonies? what did he regard as the most important factors creating the new americ


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"what effect did reconstruction have on blacks? were they better off after reconstruction than they were before the civil war?"


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"what experience as an adolescent changed taylor's world view? a) working at the hospital b) taking care of her mother c) learning of her cherokee blo