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"a company rents out 14 food booths and 22 game booths at the county fair. the fee for a food booth is $125 plus $8 per day. the fee for a game booth is $95 plus $7 per day. the fair lasts for d days, and all the booths are rented for the entire time. enter a simplified expression for the amount, in dollars, that the company is paid." Get the answer
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"a corporation with mostly male employees sets up a booth at a job fair at a college for women to encourage them to apply to the company. what is thi


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"a customer buys 100 shares of abc stock at $44 and sells 1 abc jan 45 call at $5. subsequently, the market price of abc goes to $59 and the call cont


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"a customer has a 3-year old child and wishes to begin saving for the kid's college education using a tax advantaged investment. the best investment o