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"the office of career services at a major university knows that 74% of its graduates find full-time positions in the field of their choosing within six months of graduation. suppose the office of career services surveys 25 alumni six months after graduation. use an appropriate excel function to answer the following questions. what is the probability that at least 75% of the alumni have a job in the field of their choosing Get the answer
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"the people of the south are preparing for their next highest duty- resistance to coercion or invasion” - nashville daily gazette on january 5, 1861 w


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"the perimeter of a triangle is 294cm. the sides are x + 2, 2x + 3, and 3x + 1. find the length of each side of the triangle."


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"the phenomenon of road rage has been frequently discussed but infrequently examined." so begins a report based on interviews with 1345 randomly selec