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01:56:02 diep buys a loaf of bread 65 centimeters long. for lunch every afternoon, he cuts 15 centimeters of bread for his sandwich. diep wants to determine the length of the loaf of bread, i, after d days. what is the equation of the scenario? is the graph of the equation continuous or discrete? ol= 65 - 15d; discrete ol= 65 - 15d; continuous 65 = 1 - 15d; discrete 65 = 1 - 15d; continuous mark this and return save and exit next submit Get the answer
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01:57:21 read the passage from the american plague. the reemergence of the deadly disease did not stop people from returning to the city. it did, howe


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01:57:48erin is preparing a presentation about the need for bicycle helmets. which use of multimedia would best help erin connectto the emotions of he


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01:57:59 leroux health insurance is considering changing the options in one of their health care plans (plan a) based on customer feedback that prescr