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0. the diagram on the right shows the growth of a type of cell. n?x4 second day, each cell produces three cells. on the following h?x2it is given that on the first day, there are four cells. on theday, each new cell produces another three new cells. theprocess of producing new cells repeats at the same rate.(a) on which day will the total number of cells exceeds 50for the first time?b) calculate the total number of cells on the fifth day.c) given the life span of a cell is 5 days, calculate the totalnumber of cells on the eighth day. Get the answer
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0. we develop three or four new products every year. currently we are developing a new type of air conditioner. (develop) 1. i think our sales figure


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0. what is the best definition of an archetype? an animal that acts as the main character of a story a character that appears in stories from many dif


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0. what is the measure of in the diagram below, ab and bo are tangent to ??? ??. 90° ?. 136 2489 ??. 68° ??. 112°