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0 1 9. deidre weighs 100 pounds. she enjoys downhill skiing at alpine minutes spent total daily meadows. downhill skiing calories burned a. copy the table to the right. use the table in the explore! to determine deidre's resting metabolic rate (rmr). insert it in the table for 0 minutes skiing. 2 b. how many calories will deidre burn each minute she skis? c. fill in the total calories she will burn in a full day for each added minute she skis. d. deidre ends up skiing for 40 minutes. how many total calories did she burn on that day if she participated in no other activities? use mathematics to justify your answer. 3 4. Get the answer
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0 consider the scenario where performance of two models (a and b) are measured on the same cross validation folds. to evaluate a hypothesis that the