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"jerusalem was taken from the north the population was put to the sword by the franks, who pillaged the area for a week in the masjid al-aqsa the franks slaughtered more than 70,000 people, among them a large number of imams (religious leaders) and scholars... the franks stripped the dome of the rock of more than 40 silver candelabra... a great silver lamp... as well as a hundred and fifty smaller silver candelabra and more than twenty gold ones. refugees went to the cathedral mosque and begged for help, weeping so that their hearers wept with them as they described the sufferings of the muslims in the holy city" al-athir, 1178 which statement best describes this passage? a) it was written by a muslim observer during the crusades written by an entiti serrer-treating the etcodes it was written by a persian observer during the mongol invasion d) it was written by an egyptian observer during the mongol invasion 70 points Get the answer
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"joint is the component of joint force development that entails collecting observations, analyzing them, and taking the necessary steps to turn them


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"judge, here is a peculiar case of a young woman who doesn't know who she is or where she came from. you had better attend to it at once." i commenc


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"julie has six photos that she has taken, framed and are hanging in a row on the wall. if she wants to rearrange them so that the middle two photos st