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.the balance in retained earnings at december 31, 2020 was $1,440,000 and at december 31, 2021 was $1,164,000. net income for 2021 was $1,000,000. a stock dividend was declared and distributed which increased common stock $500,000 and paid-in capital $220,000. a cash dividend was declared and paid. the amount of the cash dividend was Get the answer
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.the cost of a small business is given by the expression 1000+15x, where x is the number of units produced. the business will he profitable wherever i


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.the dilation rule df3(x, y) is applied to a abc, wherethe center of dilation is at f(1,1).the distance in the x-coordinates from a(-2, 2) to thecente


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.the equilibrium rule, ?f = 0,applies to a) objects or systems at rest. b) objects or systems in uniform motion in a straight line. c) both of the a