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.ryan boiled a liter of water and then stirred sugar into it, adding more sugar until no more would dissolve in the water, creating a saturated solution. if he pours more sugar into it after it has had a chance to cool, what will most likely happen?immersive reader (1 point) all of the sugar will come out of solution, and pure water will float to the top if he stirs constantly, the sugar will form into one large sugar crystal the added sugar will sink to the bottom the added sugar will dissolve in the water Get the answer
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.some infections are caused by bacteria. (a) the genetic material is arranged differently in the cells of bacteria compared with animal and plant cel


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.specific processes must take place within the cell for protein synthesis to occur. the processes that take place within a cell for protein synthesis


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.steve can save 24 dollars every day , tom can save 30 dollars every day and saira can save 50 dollars every day. what is the least number of days it