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.as a result of the conflict between the united states and soviet union over missiles in cuba, this was established to effectively communicate in the future a an american-soviet council at the united nations b a hotline phone c increased number of ambassadors for both countries d development of text messaging between the leader of the two countries Get the answer
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Valko Tomer 55 Minutes ago

.brandon has skittles and m&m’s in his candy jar in a ratio of 3:5. his little sister paige comes home from school one day when brandon isn't ther


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

.bà nh? chi?c bóng gi? v?. ít khi tôi th?y bà nói chuy?n nói trò v?i ai khác ngoài cháu ra. ít khi tôi th?y bà ?ôi co v?i ai. dân làng b?o bà hi?n n


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.b?m hút l?u l??ng q=6 lít/s t? b? ch?a n??c ? nhi?t ?? t=20oc (h? s? nh?t ??ng h?c ?=0,01st). chân không k? c?a vào b?m (?i?m v) ch? pck= 6,87 n/cm2