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. which equation describes the half-reaction that occurs at the cathode during the electrolysis of water? 2h2o(l) + 2e– ? h2(g) + 2oh–(aq) 2h2o(l) ? 2h2(g) + o2(g) 4h+(aq) + 4oh–(aq) ? 4h2o(l) o2(g) + 4h+(aq) + 4e– ? 2h2o(l) Get the answer
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. which group most directly influenced both the maya and the aztec? a mexica b olmec c moche dpuebloan


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. which is alien concept to the to the social science research methodology? a. ontology b. epistemology c. methodology d. catstrophe ?


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. which is the correct first step in finding the area of the base of a cylinder with a volume of 140x cubic meters and a height of 12 meters? ov-b 12