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. what does "this" refer to? choose the idea that completes the sentence. this leg was specifically designed for rock climbing and has many features that can help the climber, such as the spiked foot, which grips the rock face better than any biological foot could. other prosthetics can help people excel at the sports they love, too. engineer hugh herr has made this his life's work. engineer hugh herr has made his life's work. teaching rock climbing designing prosthetic limbs strengthening biological limbs 1) discovering challenging rock faces Get the answer
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. what is the subject in this sentence?: “when he arrived, nobody was there to greet him. “ a)nobody b)he c)him d)there


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. what is the average velocity of the object between 14 and 22 seconds? oa -0.88 m/s ob -1.5 m/s oc -1.1 m/s d -1.0 m/s


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. what is the best way to punctuate the beginning of the quotation? marcia began her letter: dear grandpa, i hope you had a good birthday.” her lett