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. we would like to bolt the cantilevered beam to the column using a bolt pattern with two bolts. we are considering two possibilities: the bolts will be arranged in-line vertically, 5 inches apart, centered in the 6x6 in box, or, the bolts will be arranged in-line horizontally, 5 inches apart, centered in the 6x6 in box. determine if one of the arrangements is preferable. prove your point. you can do this by calculating the worst shear stre Get the answer
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. what are the two types of waves? * 5 points compressional and sound electromagnetic and light longitudinal and transverse water and light


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. what can you say about line ab, angle bda, angle bea , and the measures of those two angles? use what you know about the inscribed angle of a circle


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. what connection does president obama draw between step three of his plan (paragraphs 21-22) and improving the nation? a he believes that supporting