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. two left feet ltd produces and sells a single product, the claud at shs.500. the unit manufacturing cost of claud is shs.200 and total fixed manufacturing costs equal to shs.300,000. the company incurs selling and administration costs equal to 2% of sales revenue and fixed selling cost of shs.100,000 per annum. required: a) determine the break-even sales in units and in shillings b) determine the units that should be sold to earn a net income of shs.200,000 c) if the company was in the 30% tax bracket, how many units will have to be produced to earn the shs.200,000 d) management is considering a policy which would increase fixed manufacturing costs by shs.200,000 but cut down on the variable manufacturing cost by 20% (i). what is the break-even point in units and in revenue under this policy? (ii). assuming the 30% tax bracket, how many units will have to be produced to earn the target profit of shs.200,000 under this new policy? e) at what level of sales level will management be indifferent between the two policies? f) assuming that the maximum possible demand is 6,000 units, determine the range of sales which will be financially beneficial in each policy. ( Get the answer
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. two experiments are conducted in which a single 6-sided die is rolled 20 and 80 times. the outcomes of the experiments are shown below. for each res


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. two lenses, separated by a distance of 50.0 cm are used in combination. the firstlens, located to the left, has a focal length of 15.0 cm. the secon


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. two minor league baseball players got a total of 330 hits. washington had 18 more hits than sanchezfind the number of hits for each player