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. the two force p and q are 110 kn and 230 kn respectively. the angle between them is 64°. using both triangle law of forces and parallelogram law, determine the magnitude and direction of resultant graphically and analytically. hint: choice appropriate scale and draw it. convert length of resultant to the force.? Get the answer
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. the vice president/ ask/ her driver/ pick up/ husband/ the airport 2. al though/ some snakes/ dangerous/ most of them/ harmless. 3. the doctor/ t


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. the volumetric flow rate of an ideal gas is given as 35.8 scmh. the temperature and pressure of the gas are -15°c and 1.5 atm. is the actual volume


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. the “other half” that jacob riis referred to in his 1890 book, how the other half lives, were the captains of industry. upper class. working poor. g