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. the aim of this problem is to describe the automorphism group of an annulus, and in the process also answer the following question: when are two annuli conformally equivalent? the modulus of an annulus {z : a < |z ? z0| < b} with inner radius a and outer radius b is defined to be 1 2? log b a . (a) show that any conformal map from one annulus centred at the origin to another such annulus extends to a confor Get the answer
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. the balance in susan's checking account was $245.35. after the bank deposited interest into the account, her balance went to $248.02. how much inte


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. the body surface area (bsa) in m2 of a person (used for determining dosage of medications) can be calculated by the formula (mosteller formula): in


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. the city of metropolis needs a real superhero to fight crime. 2. the superheroes in metropolis have some pretty silly superpowers. 3. john has the m