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. imagine you are planning to repaint all the walls in this room, including inside the closet. • the east wall is 3 yards long. the south wall is 10 feet long but has a window, 5 feet by 3 feet, that does not need to be painted. • the west wall is 3 yards long but has a door, 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide, that does not need to be painted. • the north wall includes a closet, 6.5 feet wide, with floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors that do not need to be painted. • there is, however, a smaller wall between the west wall and the closet that does need to be painted on all sides. the wall is 0.5 feet wide and extends 2 feet into the room. the ceiling in this room is 8 feet high. • all of the corners are right angles. 1.) if you paint all the walls in the room, how many square feet do you need to cover? (use the area to find square feet) they will paint to cover all of the walls in the room: i know this because _ Get the answer
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. in habib high school 275 of 300 students received a grade of a, while in public hall 120 out of 150 students received a grade of a. which of the two


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. in no less than ten (10) sentences explain how how culture can affect you and your family in positive and negative ways


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. in scene 3, king minos talks to daedalus about containing the minotaur, saying, "but be discreet. no one can know about it." which line helps reader