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. if a basketball player made 72 of 85 free throws, how many free throws could she expect to make in 200 attempts? a cookie recine uses 1 teaspoon of vanilla with 3 cuns of flour how much vanilla should be used with five munca? Get the answer
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. if her allowance had stayed the same, $9.00 a month, how many carnival tickets could she buin 2012?_2c. in 2012, hallie's allowance was $14.00 per m


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. if it outsources the navigation system, fixed costs could be reduced by half, and the vacant facilities could be rented out to earn $2000 per month


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. if mcb = (5x + 41), mad = (7x - 19), and mzaed = 89°, find mad.a 7989 = 1 17+19+ 5x+4)bsxtulpatgi