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"in december 598 [bc.) nebuchadnezzar left babylon once more to campaign in the west. he besieged jerusalem, which had rebelled three years earlier, and on 16 march 597 it fell, king jehoiachin and many of his subjects were deported to babylon and zedekiah was installed as king of judah in his place. after some years zedekiah too rebelled. the babylonians began a siege of jerusalem which lasted for more than a year. the walls were finally breached in the summer of 587 ... and the city surrendered about a month later. much of jerusalem may have been destroyed at this time and more jews were deported." - michael roar cultural atlas of mesopotamia and the ancient near east what action tells you that the jews resented the babylonian invasion? a installation of zedekiah as king c invasion of babylon b. repeated rebellions d. deportation Get the answer
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"in july, one of the processing departments at okamura corporation had beginning work in process inventory of $13,000 and ending work in process inven


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"in section 1.3, you will consider the gravitational potential, kinetic, and the total mechanical energy of a cart moving down an inclined ramp in a c


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"in trying times" 6. one startled eye is enough to see (1 point) o ditches. o trees. o beauty. o horror.