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. from june 2008 oil was at a high of $144.78 per barrel. during the period from april 2011 until july of 2014, the price of oil hovered between about $115.32 per barrel and about $105.22 a barrel. then, starting in august 2014 oil began a precipitous fall in price from the $105.22 to $33.62 a barrel in january 2016. although the u. s. has great amounts of oil that can be brought out of the ground by “fracking,” by the beginning of 2016 many of the workers in the u. s. oil exploration and drilling industry were out of work and tremendous amounts of oil exploration equipment was sitting in the equivalent of “used car lots” to be sold. a. which of the economic principles best describes this situation? b. using the principle you have selected, describe the chain of links that best explains how the falling international oil prices caused u. s. workers to be laid off and available u. s. oil to be left in the ground. Get the answer
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. gavin deposited money into his savings account that is compounded annually at an interest rate of 9%. gavin thought the equivalent quarterly interes


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. generate 106 message bits (random binary values (bool/int) ). 2. generate the corresponding code bits for r = 3, 5. this means you will repeat the s


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. give short answer to the following questions, (a) what is federalism? which body of government, central or provincial, is responsible for the securi