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. at medina middle school, 28 out of 350 the students ride bikes to school. at rachel carson school, 40 out of 500 students ride the bikes to school? do both schools have the same rate? 2. according to the school survey 72 out of 400 students at adams high school speak spanish. if the rate is the same at francis lewis high school with the total population of 250, how many students speak spanish at francis lewis high school? 3. marco makes $24 for 6 hours of chores and olivia makes $36 for 8 hours of chores. are they getting the same rate of pay? explain your reasoning. Get the answer
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. based on the above map, when did the communists take control of the westernmost parts of china? * 1936 - april 1947 july 1948 december 1949 after de


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. based on the information provided, which type of annuity would you recommend that timur and marguerite choose given the difference in their ages and


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. based on the video, what happened to "savings" in the united states, and how did consumers contribute to this change? describe why you agree or disa