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. a property agent charges tiered commission. for properties sold at a maximum of $1 000 000, the commission is 2% of the selling price, for properties sold above $1 000 000, there is an additional commission of 1.5% on the amount above $1 000 000 calculate the amount of commission the property agent receives if he sells a piece of property at (i) $1 000 000, (ii) $2 000 000 ? Get the answer
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. a rectangular fish pond is 21 ft2 in area. if the owner can surround the pond with a 20-foot fence, what are the dimensions of the pond?


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. a rectangular tank has length of 6 cm, width of 3 cm and height of 2 cm, find out the surface area : volume ratio of the tank ( write down the answe


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. a research study about test anxiety will measure the change in heartrate of the test-taker. the researcher randomly assigns participants into one of