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. a boy with a mass of 25 kg is sitting in a red wagon of mass 8.5 kg which is at rest. his friend begins pulling him forward, accelerating him with a constant force for 2.35 s to a speed of 1.8 m/s. calculate the force with which the wagon was being pulled. Get the answer
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. a circular asparagus bed with diameter 5 ft is to be topped with compost to a depth of 2 ft. if compost costs $0.89 per cubic foot, and sales tax is


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. a coin is flipped 100 times and it lands on heads 61 times and tails 39 times. find the experimental probability that the coin lands on tails. expre


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. a coin is tossed three times, and the sequence of heads and tails is recorded.(a) determine the sample space, ?.(b) list the elements that make up t