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. 1. a child randomly selects a jellybean from a jar of jellybeans. 7 the probability that the child selects a grape jellybean is 23 and the probability that he selects a grape jellybean or a cherry 13 jellybean is . what is the probability that the child selects a 23 cherry jellybean? 23 a. b. 6 46 6 c. 23 d. 20 46 e. 20 23 Get the answer
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. 2. a = electrophilic addition d = sn2 nucleophilic substitution g = nucleophilic subs at carbonyl(acyl xfer) b = e2 elimination e= electrophilic aro


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. 3. establishing a direct telephone line between washington and moscow 10 points negotiating a limited nuclear test-ban treaty • selling surplus whea


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. 4. an object travels at a constant speed of 10m/s for 10s. during the next 5s, it accelerates uniformly to 20m/s. 20 speed m/s 16 what is the total