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. you will turn in a research report of 500 - 750 words plus a works cited page. remember to turn in your research checklist when you submit your paper. your paper should focus on a topic related to animal intelligence be double-spaced in 12 point font have an introduction; body paragraphs that use examples, facts, etc. to support the thesis; and a conclusion use an organizational pattern use at least three sources include in-text (parenthetical) citations include a works cited page that lists all sources used in the paper use three vocabulary module words use correct writing conventions . . loop Get the answer
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. massage relieves pain and anxiety, eases depression and speeds up recovery from medical problems. a. a b. the c. 0 d. an


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. most of us got poor results. a. so difficult was the test that b. was difficult so the test that c. so difficult the test was that d. so difficult


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. requires a conscious attempt to think through actions and goals in advance. a. controlling b. leading c. planning d. organizing