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. auburn co. has purchased canadian dollar put options for speculative purposes. each option was purchased for a premium of $.02 per unit, with an exercise price of $.86 per unit. auburn co. will purchase the canadian dollars just before it exercises the options (if it is feasible to exercise the options). it plans to wait until the expiration date before deciding whether to exercise the options. in the following table, choose only one spot rate and find the net pro?t (or loss) per unit to auburn co. based on possible spot rate of the canadian dollar on the expiration date. possible spot rate of canadian dollar per unit on expiration date net pro?t (loss) to auburn co. $.76 .79 .84 .87 .89 .91 Get the answer
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. depending on a given set of conditions and the properties of triangles, any of these four outcomes is possible when constructing triangles: • no tr


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. devon would like to invest in bonds but he is only familiar with investing in stocks. what is the biggest difference between the two? bonds are gen


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. essay write or type an essay describing the contest theme; please include the theme " kentucky agriculture never stops " in your essay title. stude