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. 7. a high school principal wants to predict the number of students who will drop out of school so he can get funding for support services. year the number of students who he determined the equation that drop out of high represents this data as y = -10x + 216, school where x represents the years since 2004 217 2004, and y is the number of students 2005 202 who drop out. 2006 199 use this equation to help him predict 2007 185 the number of students who will drop 2008 180 out in 2012? 2009 163 a) -20, 2996 students b) 21 students c) 136 students d) 156 students Get the answer
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. a blue car passes a red car on the freeway at a relative speed of 12 mph. at the same time, a green car is traveling at 57 mph in the opposite dire


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. a famous tennis player misses an easy shot. he throws his racquet to the ground and screams with rage; tears run down his cheeks.


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. a football is punted from a height of 2.75 ft above the ground, with an initial velocity of 48 feet per second. the motion of the football can be m