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"i would be true to the principles for which my forefathers fought and true to the real spirit of the magnificent united states of to-day. i can not stultify [reduce] myself by voting for the present bill and overwhelm my country with racial hatreds and racial lines and antagonisms drawn even tighter than they are to-day."—representative robert h. clancy, from his speech before congress on april 8, 1924 clancy's remarks were directed at the: restrictions against black voter registration ban against chinese immigration creation of separate public schools for blacks establishment of restrictive immigration quotas Get the answer
Category: literature | Author: Ehud Raghnall


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"i'm not even going to get into how, in choosing the single most efficient route to your desired destination, gps excludes other routes and destinatio


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"i'm not! and if turning up my hair makes me one, i'll wear it in two tails till i'm twenty," cried jo, pulling off her net, and shaking down a chestn


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"i've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. i've lost almost 300 games. twenty-six times, i've missed the winning shot for my team. i've failed o