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- world history studies/pre-ap fwisd english use the drop-down menu to complete each statement. in 1931, the took control of the japanese government. expansionist leaders in japan's military argued that building economy japan invaded manchuria in 1931, and in 1937 japanese troops nanking was the only way to help the v the chinese city of 1) intro ? done € dodododdoddold Get the answer
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- write the following as a c++ expression a. v = 4/3(3.1416r3) b. s = 2(3.1416r2) + 2 (3.141r)h c. (-b + (b2 - 4ac)) / 2a


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- year 9 maths!!abcd is a square with sides of length 9cm. how many points (inside or outside the square) are equidistant from b and from c, and are e


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- you have a square with sides equal to 3 inches. if you double the length of the side, how does that affect the area?