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- 1 attachment 3. the diagram below gives details about the american political system. help parties run candidates campaigns for public office tell their members how to vote form pacs to assist parties and candidates ? which title completes the diagram? a. how interest groups decide an issue b. how interest groups engage in electioneering c. how interest groups use publicity to win support d. how interest groups lobby state and federal legislators Get the answer
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- 10 - (b) two children share some marble between them. jay has 621 marbles and jen has 342 marbles less how many marbles does jen have? (ii) how ma


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- 100 -v4 l. a.1 ints 3. what is the simplest form of a. -51 b. 25i c. -251 d. 5i


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- 11 – sample paper 2 question 2 you are fed up with all the litter you see in your area and have an idea about organising a sponsored litter pick to