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*show work please* the existing fell city wastewater treatment plant has a complete mix activated sludge biological reactor following a primary settling tank. a local company proposes to build a candy factory and to send its wastewater to the fell city plant. the factory’s bod is substantial but it is all dissolved, so the proposal is to pipe it directly to the biological reactor. over the next five years, the city flow is expected to grow to 9800 m3/d (the 2025 flow). the existing reactor has a volume of 12,000 m3. given the following information, determine the maximum flow that the wastewater plant can accept from the factory (in 2025) and still produce an effluent bod of 25 mg/l. city raw wastewater bod = 200 mg/l factory bod = 850 mg/l degradation reaction coefficient for bod = 8.4/d (this is not the coefficient to convert between bod5 and bodu.) *show work please* Get the answer
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*some living things under certain conditions can be frozen and brought back to life. some insects replace their water with glycerol before freezing


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*this was a difficult question // help?* what reason did the nazi party give for targeting jews for genocide? a.) they wanted to show jews in other pa


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*time(65 miles per hour)," "time(65)," and "t(65)" all represent which of the following? o a. the distance traveled at 65 miles per hour for a certain