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*please help* which excerpt from john milton's poetry is in blank verse? restore us, and regain the blissful seat, sing heav'nly muse, that on the secret top of oreb, or of sinai, didst inspire that shepherd, who first taught the chosen seed, in the beginning how the heav'ns and earth (from paradise lost) . . . in heav'n yclept euphrosyne, and by men, heart-easing mirth, whom lovely venus at a birth with two sister graces more to ivy-crowned bacchus bore (from "l'allegro") . . . dissolve me into extasies, and bring all heav'n before mine eyes. and may at last my weary age find out the peaceful hermitage, the hairy gown and mossy cell, (from "il penseroso") . . . where i may sit and rightly spell of every star that heav'n doth shew, and every herb that sips the dew; till old experience do attain to somthing like prophetic strain. (from "il penseroso") Get the answer
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*please help and explain chebyshev's theorem in answer.* there are dozens of personality tests available on the world wide web. one test, scored on a


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*please show your work!* a patient weighs 165 pounds. he must receive medication in the amount of 40 mg/kg/day. the medication, which is available in


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*plz it due today helpjustin has been collecting baseball cards for years. he bought 137 cards the first year and 143 cards the second year. he plan