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*please answer* how did the united nations, which was created in 1945, handle pacts and treaties that had been made before the end of world war ii? a.) the united nations encourage member nations with existing treaties to continue following them. b.) the united nations replaced any existing treaties among its members at the time of its creation. c.) the united nations required all countries to stop making treaties with other countries. Get the answer
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*please answer* what idea about overpopulation was first proposed by the scholar thomas malthus? a.) overpopulation of any species does not exist. b.)


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*please answer* what is a disadvantage of wind power? a.) releases excessive air pollutants b.) must be used in areas with sufficient wind c.) clean w


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*please answer* what is one method of water pollution control enforced by the government? a.) save our seas b.) responsible consuming c.) water conser