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*cry, the beloved country* is the book. which description best suits msimangu? question 3 options: he is a comical man, and those around him often find themselves laughing. he is a kind and giving man, but he can easily be angered. he is a confused and hopeless man, and events in the city sweep him away. he is a spiteful person, and he holds people's sins against them. how is john kumalo different from his brother, the priest? question 4 options: john kumalo is a simple, small-town man without his brother's passion for the plight of their people. john kumalo is a man of the city, politically active, and does not think highly of the work of the church. john kumalo is a man who is unafraid of all danger and who puts the good of his people ahead of his own safety. john kumalo is a man who tries to avoid the spotlight and who lives his life in privacy and solitude. during the search for absalom in johannesburg, it begins to become clear that question 5 options: msimangu is not as helpful as he could be in assisting kumalo, who is new to the city. absalom has been involved in criminal activity and runs with a bad crowd. gertrude and john kumalo are to blame for absalom's problems in johannesburg. absalom has left the city and no one there knows how to find him again. plz only respond if you know the for sure answers Get the answer
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*earth science class* 1. scales are used to figure out the ratio of the distance in the map to the actual distance between locations. a. what is the


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*earth science* 1. you and some friends decide to camp overnight at a beach. a. how and when does a sea breeze form during your trip? (5 points) b. h


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*easy grade 7 math area, volume, and surface area* *picture included* find the volume of this prism. :) thanks in advance!