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*15 points* the average sample of 1000 springs can withstand 200 lbs of force and still spring back. if the standard deviation is 6 lbs. and the distribution follows a normal curve, which of the following is not true? a. about 342 springs can withstand 200 lbs or more of force. b. about 650 springs could withstand between 194 and 206 lbs of force. c. about 130 springs could withstand more than 206 lbs of force. d. about 25 springs could withstand less than 194 lbs of force Get the answer
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*20 points* a ball is thrown from 4 feet off the ground with a vertical velocity of 30 feet per second. complete the equation to model the height of t


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*20 points* which sentence contains an infinitive acting as an adverb? 1) to walk to school that morning took about 10 minutes. 2) i want to be alone


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*20 points*sophia's war ch. 51-63 weary traveler: as sophia decides to leave the sweltering attic of the housemaids, her journey begins with little t