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**10 points please help** the perimeter of ?pqr is 44 cm, and ?pqr ~ ?wxy. if pq = 12 and xy + wy = 24, what is the perimeter of wxy? complete the explanation. since the perimeter of ?pqr = 44, qr + pr = 44 ? pq, or cm. this is proportional to the sum xy + wy, because the two triangles are (similar or congruent) so their corresponding sides are (not proportional or proportional). their ratio is 24:__ , or 3:__ , which is the same ratio as their perimeters, 3/___ = p/44, so p = ___ cm. Get the answer
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Abraham Uilleam 55 Minutes ago

**25 points ** the diagram shows a shell fossil, which type of fossil is shown ? i picked one but im not sure , pls hurry i have a time limit and i


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**30 points ** which item in the comparison chart takes the least amount of water to produce? which takes the greatest? how much water is that?


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**50 points** determine whether the trinomial is a perfect square. if so, factor it. if not, explain why. n^2 + 72n + 36