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** code for mc6800 not 8085 please asap ** write a program in assembly with the index addressing mode that sums only all the odd numbers in an array. the array is implemented as per the memory map below. store the msb of the add result at location $0060 and lsb of the result at $0061. your program must work for any sets of data. memory map address data 0062h 05h 0063h 06h 0064h 09h 0065h 11h 0066h 14h 0067h 1ah 0068h 2ch 0069h 3dh 006a 1fh 006bh aah Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

** i need to get this right im doing test correction** point p is the circumcenter of abc. point p is the point of concurrency of the perpendicular b


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** please help** why is it necessary for the united states military to maintain its own criminal code—the uniform code of military justice—rather than


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** show all your work to earn full credit. mike went to the store. he bought 3 drinks that cost $1.79 each. if he paid $10.00, how much money did he