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* please answer pls and ty * which statement best describes the global status of the united states right after world war ii? a.) the u. s. after world war ii possessed the atomic bomb but was deeply in debt as a result. b.) the u. s. after world war ii was the most powerful--and feared--country in the world. c.) the u. s. after world war ii was seen by most of the world as an aggressive and greedy bully. d.) the u. s. after world war ii was suddenly unable to protect its borders and its people. Get the answer
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* please help* consider the following persuasive text. in a few sentences, briefly describe the text's main argument and identify how rhetorical app


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* pete works in a garage. he uses an oil heater to heat the garage. pete uses the oil heater for hours each day. the oil heater uses 0.75 litres of oi


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* please help i have 30 more minutes to answer* all of the following led to the first crusade except: a.disputes over the holy landc.heresy among the