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* 100% read the paragraph. [1] the guests gathered in the kitchen, and the cook explained to them that he would have dinner ready soon. [2] they offered some juice to the cook who refused it cheerfully. [3] the cook entertained them with stories as he sliced vegetables. [4] the laughter of the guests showed that they were well-received. which change will correct a vague pronoun in the paragraph? o 1. changing them" to "the guests" in sentence 1 2. changing "it" to "the juice" in sentence 2 3. changing "he" to "the cook" in sentence 3 4. changing "they" to "the stories" in sentence 4 Get the answer
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* 26. my uncle bought a house from an elderly realtor with a large bay window. 1 point a. my uncle bought a house with a large bay window from an elde


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* 3. jack bought two shirts and five pairs of jeans, costing $650. dylan bought four shirts and three pairs of jeans, costing $595. if x represents th


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* 40 1 point the figure shows water flows through a venturi tubes from point p to point q. in which vertical tubes a, b, cor d the pressure of water i