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!20 points! which behavior is an example of how animal communication helps a population survive? a. a bird destroys another bird's nest so that it can nest in that spot. b. giraffes and zebras compete for water at the same watering hole. c. ants use their bodies to form a bridge that other ants can use to get to food. d. a bee returns to the hive and shares the location of food with other bees. Get the answer
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!answer quickly please! label adverbs adv, adjectives adj, articles ar, all words in prepositional phrases p, and pronouns pn. the camp counselor read


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!can some1 help! help fast a gym membership has an enrollment fee of $25 and costs $33 each month. which expression represents the cost of the gym m


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!can some1 help! !help fast! what is the algebraic expression for the word phrase "4 times a number minus 9"? a. 4(y-9) b. 4y-9 c. 4(9-y) d. 9-4y