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"don't it s'prise you de way dem kings carries on, huck?" "no," i says, "it don't." "why don't it, huck?" "well, it don't, because it's in the breed. i reckon they're all alike." what does the dialogue between huck and jim reveal about huck's beliefs? huck believes that all people of royal stature are clever. o huck believes that no one is able to be completely honest. huck believes that only common people have any worth. huck believes that many people cannot be totally trusted. Get the answer
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"donald is a 21-year-old full-time college student. during 2019, he earned $2,550 from a part-time job and $1,150 in interest income. if donald is a d


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"donna brent," who lives in idaho, owns a u. s. patent by federal law for toothpaste that restores tooth enamel. she is suing sam rooney for allegedly


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"dulce et decourum est" is about the life of a solider and the struggles, this embodies the peoples feeling and how this effects them. in the poem "dr