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"cassie, you know 'bout mitchell?" i asked her. "course i know about mitchell," she answered. "why're you letting him beat up on you?" "i'm not letting him!" i exclaimed in outrage. "you thinking i'm liking him beating up on me?" "well, if you're not, you'd better make him stop." "well, i'm trying." "well, you'd better try harder." "i've tried fighting back, but he's too strong. thing is, i don't know how to stop him." "you'd better figure a way," she said matter-of-factly, then looked me in the eyes. "you want me to talk to him?" i didn't even need to think on that. "naw, course not! you did, then they'd all be saying i had my sister fighting my battles!" cassie shrugged. "then you'd better figure something out quick." —the land, mildred d. taylor what kind of conflict is paul, the narrator, having in this excerpt? physical – character vs. society physical – character vs. character social – character vs. self social – character vs. nature Get the answer
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"childe harold's pilgrimage, canto iv, stanza clxxxv." in this stanza, what does the speaker claim about his spirit and imagination?


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"children under the age of 13 are not allowed to operate a boat." part a: write an inequality to show the age of children who are allowed to operate a


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"chinua achebe: obituary of nigeria's renowned arthur." bbc news, 22 march 2013 www. bbc. com/news/worldafrica-21896414 when using mla style, how wou