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(22.05) canada has much stronger gun control laws than the united states, and canadians support gun control more strongly than do americans. a sample survey asked a random sample of 1505 adult canadians, do you agree or disagree that all firearms should be registered? of the 1505 people in the sample, 1288 answered either agree strongly or agree somewhat. step 1: the survey dialed residential telephone numbers at random in all ten canadian provinces (omitting the sparsely populated northern territories). based on what you know about sample surveys, which are the biggest weaknesses in this survey? high proportion of nonresponse. people are suspicious when asked questions by phone, because they are not sure about the identity of the caller. this may result in insincere answers. the survey excludes canadian citizens who live in other countries. the survey excludes residents who have no phones and residents of the northern territories. enter the number(s) of the choice(s) you wish to select. separate multiple selections with commas or semicolons. Get the answer
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(2382-768) 4 which of the following is true about the expression above? a. the given expression is 4 less than the value of (2,382 - 768). b. the giv


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(24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15


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(25 points pls help) how is president george w. bush's philosophy on foreign affairs similar to and different from those of his father and bill clinto