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(15 points). the oxidation of glucose provides the principal energy source for animal cells. the reactants are glucose [c6h12o6(s)] and oxygen [o2(g)]. the products are carbon dioxide [co2(g)] and water [h2o(l)]. a. (5 points). write a balanced chemical reaction for glucose oxidation, and determine the standard heat of reaction at 298 k. use the data tables in smith and van ness appendix c. b. (5 points). during a day, an average person consumes about 150 kj energy per kg of body mass. assuming glucose is the sole energy source, estimate the mass (grams) of glucose required daily to sustain a person of 57 kg. ignore the effect of the effect of temperature on the heat of reaction. c. (5 points). for the u. s. population of 325 million persons, what mass of co2 (a greenhouse gas) is produced daily by respiration? ignore the effect of temperature on the heat of reaction. Get the answer
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(15) physical memory consists of 3 page frames, initially all empty. the following reference string is processed: 0 1 4 0 2 3 0 1 0 2 3 4 2 3 (a) show


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