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(15 points) thank you if you help me :d 1. jeremy was interested in science and math in school. in college, jeremy studied to become an ecologist who studies the effect of fertilizer runoff on lake wildlife. name two ways that jeremy might use math and science in his career. 2. khalil is a network engineer for a bank with branches all over the world. why would khalil’s position be very important to his company? in your answer, explain what networking is and why careers in networking are also important in our larger society today. Get the answer
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(15 pts) look at the figure shown below: (first image) patricia is writing statements as shown below to prove that if segment st is parallel to segme


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(15 pts) under heavy load conditions, the ’carrier sense’ mechanism built into the ethernet protocol may likely cause many of the stations to collide


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(15 pts) plss i need the answer fast. i will literally do anything if you answer this for me seeking capital from investors is an activity found in