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(1) in 2005, heavy rains led to a mudelide (2) guatemala city is the capital of the republic of guatemala (3) it is the largest city in central america (4) more than 2 million people live there (6) guatemala city has had several natural disasters (6) it has been affected by earthquakes which sentence in this passage is in the wrong place? a sentence 4 b. sentence 1 .c. sentence 3 od sentence 6 Get the answer
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(1) is your computer acting up? (2) have your efforts to fix it been useless? (3) are you unsure of who to call? (4) well, we're here to help. (5) kay


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(1) it was an unusual year to say the least. (2) my family had just moved from brighton, nj to galveston, tx. (3) dad and mom really wanted things to


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(1) justine is putting up wall paper in her room. her room is 12 feet by 12 feet. if the wall paper costs $1.79 per square feet, how much will it cost